We are a partnership that provides services to all sectors of the residential, commercial, retail and industrial property industry from pre-investment and viability through procurement and on to final account, commissioning and hand over.

Traditional Cost Management Services:

  • Project Investigation
  • Viability Analysis
  • Cost Planning
  • Procurement Process
  • Contractor adjudication, Negotiation and Award
  • Contract Documentation
  • Cost Control including payment certification
  • Change orders verification/negotiation
  • Final Account

Specialist Services:

  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Labour based contracting
  • Procurement Management – construction materials
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Tendering Assistance and Advice
  • Contractual Claims, Structure  and Advice
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Maintenance Budgets
  • Building Condition Audits
  • Facilities Management Consulting

Professional Fess

Fees are structure on either of the following methods:

  • Percentage of the project cost
  • Bottom fee based on unique project requirement.
  • Man hour costs

Once agreed fees can be fixed and linked to an agreed cash flow.

We are happy to link our fees to an outcome based process (bonus/penalty) when we assist in selecting the professional team and contractor shortlist.


Should the project proceed on the basis of our cost plan and the resultant tender is in excess of our budget (all things being equal) then through our Construction Management process we will ensure that the project is built for the budget.